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ya filthy animals
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Koyu saaaaaaays... Steve and Claire~ =D
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utena tenjou
/mami tomoe from rgu and madoka magica!

utena is tomboyish, brave, friendly, chivalrous and well-meaning but naive, somewhat thoughtless/finds difficulty reading other people, and escapist, mami is capable, intelligent, ladylike and coolheaded but passive-aggressive, prone to holding grudges, and deeply lonely.

they were almost gfs in queen of hearts...but utena was 2attached to her horrible canon and also in denial about being a small gay...something cute and/or sad for them would work!!
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GENOSAI icr if you started reading/watching one-punch man or not...
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ROXAS AND MARY... I have to show off to Aly how adorably you draw them
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HM... Arata Kasuga (Trinity Seven) and Honoka Kousaka (Love Live)

Arata is a flamboyant perverted flirt with a heart of gold who tends to be dramatic and a playful tease. And Honoka is a go-getter energetic school idol who's full of optimism, determination and can tend to act without thinking.

They're forgotten childhood friends who reunited and remembered each other in a little psl going on. So maybe something with a playful or nostalgic feeling? Maybe like a princess carry or a HI-FIVE...? it's your call!
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Sakon and Aria.... maybe?! bless u, Sib
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tbt... gurry and doobs
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ughhhhhhhhhhhhh SIIIIIIB it's so cute and i hate them
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rogue and shadow
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ok hiccup and astrid from race to the edge...i'm lame here if you have time/want
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you can always draw these two... if you need an alternate idea tho lmk, I am full of ships, all with reference threads you can skim to get an idea of personalities and that
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we're your favorite filthy animals though

hiro and ruby for me, though!