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>>Cardia x9
>>Finis x2
>>Victor Frankenstein x9
>>Impey Barbicane x7
>>Arsene Lupin x10
>>Saint-Germain x3
>>Van Helsing x6

even hell would feel like heaven with you )
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Let's see if I can keep this up for the whole thing!

These uploaded all out of order for some reason. Sorry for any inconvenience.

>>Cardia x17
>>Victor x4
>>Impey x12
>>Lupin x20
>>Van x01

heartbreaking homies )
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if you are one of the Chosen Ones you may comment here with your address and i'll send you a mysterious present
siberia: (feels like heaven when i kiss the devil)
just crying, don't mind me.

if you'd like a character, feel free to request!

>>Meruem x19
>>Komugi x28
>>Knuckle x7

only you can be the aching in my heart )
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just meruem and komugi for now. if you'd like another character feel free to request! more of these two are coming as well.

>> Meruem x17
>> Komugi x21

tucking me into sleep into the void )
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ya filthy animals
siberia: (how deep is your love)
mmmm fresh toasty icons

>> Melan x56
>> Marin x33
>> Marin and Melan x8

blue of wind, green of sea )
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friends only! the comments are screened
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45 Death Parade icons

--> Decim x20
--> Woman x20
--> Nona x5

everybody put your hands up )
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29 Silent Hill icons
--> 8 Silent Hill 2
--> 8 Silent Hill 3
--> 13 Silent Hill 4

mother sugar always loves me )
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Mostly wolves and Mejojo.

--> Arles x8
--> Guillan x9
--> Julian x8
--> Mejojo x23
--> Rath x9
--> Zara x8

she renounced her world for you )
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Mixed bag. Spoilers through ep20 of the anime.

--> Annie x1
--> Armin x3
--> Christa x2
--> Connie x2
--> Eren x10
--> Erwin x2
--> Jean x3
--> Levi x2
--> Mikasa x4
--> Oruo x1
--> Petra x1
--> Sasha x2

i am the devil, and i am here to do the devil's work )
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There are a couple that are actually not from the movie that I never uploaded. But you didn't hear that from me.

>> Okabe x15
>> Kurisu x12
>> Okabe + Kurisu x1
>> Daru x6

girl i know you'll take me down )
siberia: (just want something I can never have)
--> Hange x20
--> Petra x9
--> Sasha x15
--> Ymir x3

thrillseekers )
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Shingeki no Kyojin:
--> Armin x 24
--> Eren x 28

If you want other characters, request!

this is 4 my people )
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--> Meryl x9
--> Milly x3
--> Vash x8
--> Meryl & Milly x1
--> Meryl, Milly & Vash x1

party's over )
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I'll do more later? Maybe?

-Milly x4
-Meryl x9
-Vash x5
-Milly and Meryl x2

danananana nananananana naNA NA NA )
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--> Amata x7
--> Andy x19
--> Crea x3
--> Fudo x5
--> Izumo x1
--> Jin x1
--> Malloy x5
--> Mikono x11
--> Mix x18
--> Mykage x4
--> Sazanka x8
--> Shrade x9
--> Cayenne x5
--> Yunoha x7
--> Zessica x12

--> Andy and Amata x1
--> Andy and Mix x1
--> Shrade and Cayenne x1
--> Zessica and Mikono x1
--> Zessica and Yunoha x1

siberia: (tune into my heart wherever you are)
They are ALL Apollo and Silvia, with slightly more Apollo than Silvia.

I will icon other characters upon request, but this is it for now due to the low demand for Genesis character icons.

--> Apollo x80
--> Silvia de Alisia x64

we can fly together to the future )
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